The value we add to dairy ingredient sellers

Market intelligence

Due to our market intelligence and efficient decision making, we are able to keep our business partners up to date about the newest market trends and act as a sparring partner for dairy procurement and sales decisions. Even when you’re not working with us directly, our insights will help you to stay at least one step ahead.

Additional sales force

Do you want to increase your production? Let us help you sell out straight away! Thanks to our global network, we can find customers worldwide for any product you wish to market. Tap into our pack of highly skilled, motivated and experienced sales people and let them help you, free of charge. Our sales team of 20 driven dairy experts is just one phone call away!

Reliable partner

We truly believe that honesty is the best policy. Honouring contracts is therefore a given. We always strive to execute contracts as per our initial agreements and we expect the same from our partners. And when a contract cannot be followed to the letter and needs to be amended, we will still be right by your side. Bdairy is a partner that works with you to always find a suitable solution that supports your business. 

What can you count on?A full-scale solution for your dairy sales!

Do you want …


To access new sales markets?

Bdairy has a large sales team that can target specific regions where we develop the market for your product.


Direct access to a large group of trustworthy clients?

Thanks to our experience in the dairy market, Bdairy has access to the most trustworthy clients everywhere. You can reap the benefits of our network instantaneously.


To receive payments on time, so you can fulfil your obligations to your other stakeholders?

Bdairy has a strong financial backbone, which enables us to pay our suppliers swiftly when needed.


To deal with a partner who will purchase regular volumes at a market price?

Bdairy has partnerships with selected producers, in which we take guaranteed volumes at agreed market prices.


To minimise your stock position at short notice, thus eliminating an unwanted surplus of product?

Bdairy can take the stock from your books immediately and generate instant cash flow for your business.


A sparring partner to help you expand your total business?

We take a proactive approach to giving advice about the market and our expectations about price developments. This could help not only your business with Bdairy, but also your entire sales approach.


A partner that looks for clients for a new product you intend to start producing?

Bdairy has a large database of clients, representing a market for all types of dairy ingredients. Bdairy can propose your (new) products to them.


To receive information about market developments around the globe?

Bdairy has a team of traders with a presence around the globe. We are committed to sharing our insights and knowledge with our loyal producers.


To minimise your risks and deal with a loyal and trustworthy partner?

Financial instruments like futures and options are becoming commonplace in the dairy trade. Bdairy has the in-house expertise to use these - and other - financial tools to manage the risks for your business.


A timely follow-up and feedback on complaints and non-conformances?

As part of our BRC standard, we monitor all complaints and proactively follow-up with all stakeholders to ensure a swift solution.


Products we buy

Bdairy is interested in both commodity products and highly specialized derivatives with specific properties. We find clients for every dairy product. 

As a BRC-certified broker, we ensure:

  • Quality
  • Traceability
  • Food safety
  • Legality
The products we buy represent four categories. 

Milk Powder& Derivatives

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Whey Powder& Derivatives

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Butter& Milk Fats

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How we bring qualityto our clients

Bdairy operates entirely within the BRC framework, guaranteeing quality during every step of the process. We excel in every aspect of our service, from sales and quality control to logistics. 

From finance to risk management, from strategy
to logistics and from quality control to sales.
We can help you in virtually every part of the
dairy business. That’s what makes Bdairy unique.

We are always on the lookout for a
wide array of dairy products, such as
milk powders, whey powders, milk fats,
liquid cream and derivatives.

Our quality standards are among the highest
in the dairy business. We operate fully
within the BRC framework. Your product will be
treated with all of the consideration it deserves.

Our all-round logistics service ensures and preserves
the quality of your products throughout
the transportation process. This enables
you to maintain or improve your pricing.