Additional market potential for your products

Reliable partner

We are committed to the sustainable growth of our partners' businesses, and hence our own. Bdairy acts as a dedicated BRC-, Organic- and GMP+FSA-certified salesforce, aiming to become a high quality complementary sales branch of your dairy selling company.

Global market intelligence for better pricing

We leverage our worldwide market knowledge to benefit your business, following up on local and regional developments to find the perfect customer for your products. Our worry-free, 360° logistics service ensures the consistency of your products throughout the transportation process, from anywhere to anywhere in a timely fashion. This enables you to maintain or improve your pricing.

Certification requirements

One of Bdairy’s core strengths is that our organisation is built on a dynamic platform that empowers quick and efficient decision making and implementation. Bdairy is fully BRC-, Organic- and GMP+FSA-certified and works according to strict GFSI-quality standards. This means we can respond quickly to shifts in the market and maintain a competitive edge.