The value we add for dairy ingredient buyers

Smart about markets

We keep our finger on the pulse of the dairy market. This market intelligence allows us to make better choices, something that is of benefit to our customers. Our global supplier network enables us to source top-notch ingredients from any region, which helps our partners in the food industry.

Guaranteed quality

As a BRC AA-graded company, we work within the BRC framework from beginning to end. We collaborate with GFSI suppliers to ensure the quality, legality, safety and traceability of every product. We match the specifications you need with what our suppliers have to offer and will perform additional testing if needed.

One-stop shop

We are a versatile partner, offering services in trading, logistics, quality assurance, finance, risk management and much more. With our enthusiasm for dairy and our personal approach, you can trust us to be an all-round partner for your global dairy needs, from product manufacture to the final delivery. The services we offer go above and beyond what you would expect, both in terms of quality as in quantity. Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

What can you count on?A full-scale solution for dairy procurement!

Do you want…


To find new suppliers/sources for a specific dairy ingredient?

Bdairy has access to over 200 GFSI-certified dairy manufacturing sites. This global network guarantees top-notch quality and accessibility throughout the year, and also allows us to source your dairy ingredients according to your specific needs.


To discuss strategies for covering your requirements?

Bdairy is continuously analysing the market. We act as a sparring partner to our clients and will determine the best buying strategy based on your needs.


A guaranteed purchase price for a fixed period?

Bdairy provides fixed prices for both the short and long term and it specializes in risk management for our clients.


The most up-to-date information about the dairy market and price developments?

Our team of traders analyse the latest market developments in each region every minute of the day. We are committed to sharing our insights and knowledge with our loyal clients.


An export expert who can deliver dairy ingredients to virtually any region?

Bdairy exports to over 40 countries around the globe and employs a team of logistic experts who are acquainted with local and global export requirements.


To buy at competitive prices throughout the year?

Bdairy sources from different regions around the globe, ensuring the lowest price in the market for the desired product quality.


To get your product delivered in the right way and on time?

We have a logistics team, specialized in transport via road/ship and in bulk/packaging, for both the EU and export abroad.


To receive advice about which specifications should match your requirements?

Bdairy has its own quality department. They can share common practices in the industry and give advice about the specifications that match your needs.


To work with high-quality BRC-certified producers?

Bdairy has created a framework of GFSI-certified producers. As a BRC AA-certified, we only work with producers who can match our high quality standards.


A timely follow-up and feedback on complaints and non-conformances?

As part of our BRC framework, we monitor all complaints and proactively follow-up with every stakeholder to ensure an appropriate and timely solution.


Products we offer

Bdairy offers a wide range of dairy products, from standard products to derivatives with specific properties, at highly competitive prices.

As a BRC-certified broker, we ensure:

  • Quality
  • Traceability
  • Food safety
  • Legality
Our quality products are divided into four categories, but united through our unique approach.

Milk Powder& Derivatives

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Whey Powder& Derivatives

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Butter& Milk Fats

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How we bring qualityto our clients

We source from GFSI-certified suppliers who
manufacture high-quality and safe products.
Bdairy is BRC and Organic certified and we have
all the systems in place to guarantee the best quality.

From finance to risk management, from strategy
to logistics and from quality control to sales.
We can help you in virtually every part of the dairy
business. That’s what makes Bdairy unique.

With an extended product portfolio in
milk powders, whey powders, milk fats,
liquid cream and derivatives,
we have everything you need. 

Our quality standards are among the highest in the
dairy business.We only work with 
suppliers and operate fully with
in the BRC framework.
This guarantees
quality products for you.

Logistics can pose serious challenges
for your supply chain. At Bdairy, we take
this burden away and communicate
about every step of the process.