Due to our market intelligence and efficient decision making, we are able to keep our business partners up to date about the newest market trends, offer competitive pricing and act as a sparring partner for dairy procurement and sales decisions.

Market approach

Being continuously active in the global market for dairy products and ingredients, we can act instantly on new developments. This results in opportunities and savings, which we pass on to our partners. As we act and communicate swiftly, you will enjoy the benefits of our approach straightaway.

Intel gathering

Bdairy has a global network of partners in every aspect of the process. We follow all developments with our local suppliers and keep an instant track of every shift in the global market. Supported by data analyses and intelligence software, we are the first to know when something happens that influences any element of the dairy trade.

Market Outlook

Most dairy buyers and sellers choose Bdairy because of our market intelligence, transparent communication, proven reliability and competitive pricing. We know that a passionate and fast-paced way of working is key to supporting your business with new opportunities for growth. We are committed to sharing our insights with partners to support their business. Please check our regular market reports here.

Market Outlook | 9 September 2022

Around the globe, milk production figures are showing negative to no growth. New Zealand has reported substantially lower production in July (−5.5%), but as July is a
low production month the effect in absolute volumes is limited. However, if the trend continues in September and October, total output will be impacted significantly. An even larger trend is noticeable in Australia, where June production figures were down by 9.2%.

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Our network

Bdairy is proud to have a worldwide network of clients and suppliers. With partners on five continents our reach is truly global. And regardless of where we do business, you can count on our personal touch along the way.

Knowledge is power

In the competitive environment of dairy trading, information and quality are the keys to success. We gather market intelligence from our partners all over the world, and distil the insights that are most valuable. Our unprecedented service levels enable you to make a difference to your customers in both product quality and pricing.